JUNIOR SHARKS: Looking back and looking forward - 2017

18 Sep 2016 in News

JUNIOR SHARKS: Looking back and looking forward - 2017 JUNIOR SHARKS: Looking back and looking forward - 2017

Please join us for the Juniors End of Season Ceremony on Sunday 9th October at 15:00 at The Stoke Pub in Guildford. 

Two years ago, a few blokes sat around a table with a bunch of rugby league supporters discussing the sports presence in the south (UK). When asked what the supporters thought about a start-up league club, the answer they gave: “You’re bloody joking. Trying to create a real buzz around rugby league in the South is about as likely as Yorkshire changing its name to Londonshire. It ain’t gonna happen. The South can have Union (Rugby) and we (Lancashire) will keep League. If you southern folk ever really decide you want to indulge in the fantasy of taking it seriously, we’ll be ready to give you a proper hiding”.

Game on.

There’s no denying that the true heart of League lies further North, so what about Surrey ? A training ground to the Harlequins, and a breeding ground for union players should be an unlikely candidate to recruit members for a Rugby League club.

But the interest and stats running through the clubs junior teams tells a different story.

50 Junior members in Year 1 spanning 3 age groups, increasing to 70 Junior members in Year 2, and whom participated in a total of 6 festivals across age categories ranging from U9's to U13’s.

Dean Smith (juniors’ chairman) says: “Take our under 13s for example. They played a full league programme with 10 fixtures Home and Away as well as 3 festivals. They played some great stuff and this was reflected through enquiries about some of our players from the London Broncos talent scouts.”

So what is it about Rugby League? Where does the attraction lie?

Is it the battering you receive when you’re under attack, taking tackle after tackle and each time, finding your 10 to hold your line as a team? Is it looking left and right at your team mates and knowing they’ll take the hits with you while playing games with your opposite number to let him know that he’s not getting through? Squaring off and standing stronger.

Is it using everything you’ve got to crash the ball forward? The feeling of smashing the opposing defensive line, finding the gaps, outmanoeuvring, wearing them down, breaking them down and finding their try line.

League is drills, its sweat, its bruises, its knackering, it’s painful, it’s a battle for ground, its confidence building, and its each minute of a game filled with adrenaline fuelled fitness every time you step onto the pitch. It’s the ecstasy of taking a win from a hard fought game, or accepting the loss knowing you couldn’t have given any more. It’s a brotherhood, and the buzz of the club currently lies over the up and coming generation in our junior teams. The hunger is there in young blood.

“All our juniors shone a very bright light on The Surrey Sharks this year” Says Jean Valery Garcia (Club Chairman), “and they really are the key to the clubs future.”

So what is it we’re looking to achieve going forward ?

This really does depend on you, the parent, the fan, the member. We can’t prepare and we can’t answer our sponsors without knowing first, what we have to work with.

It may seem early days, but as Mark Spitz (9 time Olympic swimming champion) once said, “if you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail”.

Preparation is everything, as we have learned over the last 2 years.

If you’re a current member, share your experience and feedback of how you found the club and what we could do to improve in 2017. If you’re new, drop an enquiry or Join us at The Stoke Pub in Guildford on Sunday 9th October at 15:00 for the Juniors end of season ceremony and awards. 

Thanks for all your input into the club to date and if you’re reading this, thanks also for your interest. Help us be more, help us plan for the future of the club, and help us to offer the most for your kids in the sport.

Email us at: info@surreysharksrugbyleague.co.uk with the simple title “WE’RE IN - #GOSHARKS” and feel free to let us know your thoughts in email body



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